Architectural Guidelines

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C:P: PE063:000PE


Section 1. Approval of Construction and Landscape Plans.

(a) No structure may be erected, place or altered on any Lot until the constructions plans and building specifications and a plan showing (i) the location of improvements on the Lot; (ii) the grade elevation (including rear, front, and side elevations); (iii) the type of exterior material (including delivery of a sample thereof); (iv) the colors of roofs, trim and other exterior surfaces; and (v) the location and size of the driveway (which shall be either asphalt or concrete) shall have been approved in writing by the Developer.

(b) In addition to the plans referred to in the previous paragraph, a landscape plan shall be submitted to the Developer for its approval in writing, which plan shall include (i) the trees, shrubs, and other plantings and (ii) the measures (such as location of dirt storage during construction) which shall be utilized to preserve regetation scheduled to remain after construction. Thereafter, no additional trees, shrubs, or other supplementary landscape plan has been submitted to Developer for its approval in writing. No tree measuring six inches or more in diameter may be removed without the written approval of Developer.

(c) References to "Developer" shall include any entity, person or association to whom Developer may assign the right of approval. When Developer no longer owns any Lots in the Property, this right of approval shall automatically be assigned to the Association. References to "structure" in these restrictions shall include any building (including a garage), fence, wall, antennae, and microwave and other receivers and transmitters (including those currently called 'satellite dishes').

Section 2. Building Materials. The exterior building material of all structures shall extend to ground level and shall be either brick veneer or stone veneer, a combination on same or other material approved by Developer.

Section 3. Minimum Floor Areas. The following shall be the minimum floor areas for homes to be constructed after this instrument is recorded:

(a) The total floor area of a one story ranch house shall be a minimum of 2300 square feet.

(b) The total floor area of a two story house shall be a minimum of 2400 square feet. In addition, the ground floor area of a two story house shall be a minimum of 1100 square feet.

(c) The total floor area of any other house shall be a minimum of 2300 square feet and in a configuration acceptable to Developer.

(d) Finished basement areas, garages, and open porches are not included in computing floor areas.

A full set of the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, AND RESTRICTIONS is available in the Development office.

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